Welcome to the Studying Storytelling landing page! "Cool," you're thinking, "but what's that? Studying Storytelling is an ongoing series of posts in which I look at HOW stories are told as opposed to analyzing what the stories are actually about. What narrative devices are in play? Are there recurring visual elements or word choices that seem key to what's going? That sort of thing. There are a couple of reasons for this approach:

  1. There are plenty of great resources for straightforward reviews of movies, books, etc, and I don't think I have anything to add to that space.
  2. As a writer, I'm often just as interested in how a creator brings a story to life as I am in what a story is about.

As a bonus, these writeups are as close to spoiler-free as I can make them. It gives you, dear reader, the opportunity to learn a bit about what I think works or doesn't work in a story without giving away much of what happens. It was inspired by my experience watching The Sopranos wherein certain techniques and stylistic choices in that show jumped out at me and made me want to write about them. I thought it might be interesting to make a whole series of it, so here we are.

For more on Studying Storytelling, you can read the full introduction linked below. Otherwise, check out the list of movies, books and TV shows I've written about and see if anything catches your eye. Maybe you'll find your new favorite book, movie or TV show! Who knows? THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS.

Studying Storytelling: An Introduction

Volume 1: The Sopranos

Volume 2: Californication

Volume 3: Fringe

Volume 4: Chef

Volume 5: The Dark Tower

Volume 6: Hot Fuzz

Volume 7: John Wick

Volume 8: Portal

Volume 9: Final Fantasy III (or VI)

Volume 10: Star Wars