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The Winter King

Wake. Now. And so he did.

Caleb jolted upright to the sound of nothing at all. Nothing, that is, save the call of an alarm clock hardwired into his brain letting him know it was time. A strong dose of laudanum could not have kept him in bed a moment longer than mandated by the supreme and absolute Grand Law of Parental Requirement That We Not Get up until at Least Six on Christmas Morning, for Pete's Sake.

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Hunger: Part 1 of 2

He could feel the days getting shorter, the nights longer and colder, a cycle he had seen repeat too many times. He was not altogether sure just how many, in fact. Life long ago was fuzzy. So much of his past now seemed like it happened to someone else.

Maybe that was because it had been someone else. He was a different person then, a different creature entirely. It had been a good life right up until the moment it no longer was. 

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I Guess It Depends How You Look at It

Advice: If you need help locating any small nicks or scrapes on the inside of your mouth, throw back a hearty gulp of coffee like you haven't a care in the world. The acid will coat your mouth, burrowing into every damaged nook and cranny, letting you know precisely where it was you accidentally took a chunk out of your cheek instead of your burrito a week ago. You probably thought it had more or less healed over, but the good news is now you know better. Orange juice is also effective.

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