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Hunger: Part 1 of 2

He could feel the days getting shorter, the nights longer and colder, a cycle he had seen repeat too many times. He was not altogether sure just how many, in fact. Life long ago was fuzzy. So much of his past now seemed like it happened to someone else.

Maybe that was because it had been someone else. He was a different person then, a different creature entirely. It had been a good life right up until the moment it no longer was. 

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Witness (Part 1 of 5)

Emily had not left that tiny apartment in going on six years and had not had any visitors in at least four. It was for that reason she worried whether she was even capable of noticing if her apartment was out of sorts. She tried to remember when that last visitor had come, an unannounced drop-in by her sister, and found the details escaped her. Such a tiny event did not strike her as noteworthy enough to merit being recorded for posterity at the time, but as her world grew smaller and smaller these memories seemed more important.

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