A Brief Update on the Hiking Book


Almost Hiking Season

We're in the very end of the home stretch for Best Hikes Near Minneapolis and Saint Paul, the hiking book I cowrote with my brother. Just this week, we received the proof for review. What does that mean, you ask? It means this is essentially our last chance to check the text for errors, typos and content clarity. It also means we're looking at something pretty close to a finished product, complete with photos, maps and all the other design work.

Any regular reader here will know that the hiking book project was not without its challenges, but as I gain some time away from the scramble to finish I can look back on the experience fondly. At this point it's gratifying to know that we're just about done and that soon we'll have an actual, physical book to hold onto. My brother has been through this before, but I am looking forward to being able to point at it and say, "I did that."

Bonus points if it's any good, right?!?

So now I'm off to complete what I hope is the last bit of work I need to do before the hiking book actually goes to print. To the handful of new readers that have signed up in the wake of my SEO-based burst in traffic for my urbanism writing, welcome! This week's post might be a little light on the excitement of those posts, but I plan to be back at it ASAP.

Oh yeah, Happy St. Patrick's Day, too! Sláinte, and whatnot.