Choosing Not to Do Something Is Still a Choice


Yesterday was Super Tuesday in the presidential primary election cycle. Here in Minnesota, that means people went out to caucus (not quite the same as voting!). I didn't, and I feel great about it. This doesn't mean I'm not engaged in my community or that I'm a bad citizen. It doesn't mean I don't care about what happens in the presidential election or the other down-ticket races. I knew the caucuses were happening, knew where my polling place would be, and decided, "nope." Part of the reason for this is that the caucus system, which is terrible, is not as simple as just popping in and voting which you can see if you read that link above. Part of it is that the primaries are largely for political party members, something I'm not. But mostly it was a conscious decision that I did not want to take part.

It's not that I don't believe my vote matters, and I have every intention of voting come November. But last night? Nah. I had a much better way to spend my evening. I played cards with my wife, a game called Phase 10. It's a pretty good game, it turns out. And I don't even like playing cards! We ate cheese and crackers and drank some wine. It was an easy choice, and I'm pretty sure it was a lot more fun than the caucus would have been.