Hey Look! Another Blog Post


According to the dashboard built into this site that tracks my activity, this is my 101st post. I saw the number on it, but it didn't really register as a big deal. After all, in the great scheme of things, it's not terribly important. Still, 101 posts is kind of a lot, right? A part of me feels like I ought to pontificate on what it means to have spent over a year writing here, on the commitment to my craft, and how I feel about it all. But, ugh, that sounds pretty awful to read and even more boring to write. WHO CARES?

Besides, I'm in the middle of NaNoWriMo, and I don't have time for that kind of self-reflection now. Maybe in December. Maybe when I hit the one year mark on when I decided to commit to publishing twice per week. That feels like a more important moment with Lost Caws anyway.

Until then, it's back to the book. I can see what it ought to look like in my mind, and I'm slowly dragging it into existence. It's been a very different experience than last year so far. With that story, I knew exactly the sort of tone and feel I was going for right away, and the writing reflected that. That's less the case this year. While I like a lot of what I've written so far, it's coming out a little clunkier, and as a result it feels at times like my writing last year was better.

But there's a very important flip side to that. While I'm still finding my sea legs when it comes to the style and sound of the writing this year, the actual story is in much better shape. I have a much clearer sense of what's going on and where I'm headed. The writing can be improved through revision. Solving fundamental story problems, while also possible, can be much more challenging.

That was the corner I painted myself into last year. I loved the feel of the story, but I reached a spot where I wasn't sure what was going on anymore. It feels like I'm avoiding that so far this year. Let's hope it stays that way.

NaNoWriMo Stats:

Days written: 4

Word count: 11,042

Words per day: 2,761

Date to 50k at current pace: 11/19