MOAR HIKERING!!! So Much More Hiking...


I spent much of this past weekend hiking. I will spend much of this week, as much time as possible next weekend, and as much of the following week as I can hiking as well. You see, despite my brother's injury, our cowritten hiking guide is moving forward as planned.

Pro tip: When mountain biking, you should use your handlebars exclusively for steering. Thrusting your hip into them at high-speed is not advised.

Unfortunately, Joe was only able to complete a handful of his planned hikes for that book, which means somebody has to pick up the slack. So who can fill those boots? Who can trek the trails to bring you the hiking guide you've dreamed of? What hiker will rise to this challenge?

Me, of course. Joe Baur may be the hiker Minneapolis-Saint Paul deserves, but he's not the one it needs right now.

So that's where I'll be–out in the wilderness, wandering those long, lonely miles, eating Berry Pomegranate Chia Clif bars and swatting mosquitoes.*

The catch is that my posts at Lost Caws may, of necessity, be a little shorter for a while. Dry your eyes, friends, this situation is temporary, but it is unavoidable. Think of me, won't you? When you're at the grocery store and must park like 7-8 spaces from the door, know that I am out there somewhere walking, like, 3x as far as that. And sometimes it's not even flat or paved!

But do not fear for me. I am a professional. I CAN DO THIS! I WILL DO THIS! THIS LIST NEEDS A THIRD THING!

And now I leave you, for I must hike. Be well and be good to one another, America.

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*I will not be eating these Clif bars. In general, I think most "energy bars" both taste and look like they were already eaten by someone once and then reassembled post digestion. Good luck getting that image out of your mind.