Speaking as a Snake Person...


Have you heard about Millennials? You know, the generation born between the early 80's and the early 2000's? Of course you have. Unless you live in a cave, which for Millennials is anywhere without dependable social media access so we can talk about #brands, you've probably been hearing about Generation Y.* Like, a lot.

Like, constantly.

Like, way, way too much, right? Right?

I get it. I empathize. I do, really, and I say this as a Millennial myself.

So speaking on behalf of the entirety of my generation, as is my solemn duty because like a good Millennial I am narcissistic and feel I'm more important than I really am, please for the love of all that is good and holy, can we stop talking about Millennials?

Hahahahahahahahhaha. No.

Unfortunately not, because we are now the largest adult generation alive. So you're kinda stuck hearing about us. We are entering prime career growth and purchasing power years. More and more of us are in positions of power and authority. We are the worst. We are the best. We are totally screwed, and we are super optimistic, too. Except when we're pessimistic and don't trust you.

It's confusing! Turns out, when there's like 80 million people in a group, you get some variety. Who would have seen that coming?

I do have one bit of good news if you're sick of hearing about us. While you can't get rid of Millennials, you can change how we show up online. Read this article with the greatest title ever. There is an extension for Google Chrome that will change appearances of the word "Millennials" to "Snake People."**

As a member of the most over-discussed generation ever, it seems like everyone older than us looks at us as though we are actual snake people anyway. This tool is an appropriate solution to a vexing problem. Long live the snake people.

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Picture Crazy Snake Guy courtesy of Chris Goldberg under Creative Commons 2.0.

*Millennials only care about #brands, and #branding, and #hastagging #things #needlessly.

**If you're wondering what the hell an "extension for Google Chrome is," you're not a Millennial. That means you're old. Good luck with Internet Explorer.