Hello there. Welcome to my site! I'm David, and this is where I write about the strange and wonderful things that crawl through my brain. The internet is a colossal place filled with priceless information, utter nonsense, and good, old-fashioned fun. The sheer enormity of content available means that almost all of it goes unnoticed. So these are my "lost caws," if you will, wherein I shout my thinkings and writings at the vast, gaping maw of the internet. The pun is very much intended.

If you make your way around, you'll find posts on a lot of stuff but mostly related to writing. I recommend starting with me quitting my job to write. From there you might want to check out my experience participating in National Novel Writing Month, my struggles with focus and analysis paralysis, and creating and developing ideas.

I also have posts with random thoughts on urbanism, travel,  powerful advice, and a little of me yelling at myself to go do some work.

If some of this sounds helpful, fun or even just funny, sign up! I'm sure there are great things we can learn from one another. You can also follow me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Otherwise, you know, no worries if this isn't your cup of tea. Thanks for stopping by and have an adequate day.